One year in the industry…

One year in the industry…

From one millennial to another…

I was born in 1995, making me one of the work places hot topics; a millennial.  I graduated June 2016 and my interview process took two stages; one initial informal conversation and then I was invited back to do a presentation & I was then asked a series of questions. I was one of the lucky graduates that gained employment in their related discipline three months after graduating.

Today mark’s one year working in the recruitment industry and I wanted to share some things I’ve learned that will hopefully help some other millennial’s just about to begin their career.

1. Use your LinkedIn actively – This is something that is drilled into us at university alongside the famous one liner from lectures ‘No employer wants to see what you were doing in Ibiza 2014’ but LinkedIn is one of the most valuable social networking tools we can use but use it actively! Get building connections, document your university achievements, you never know who may see your profile. Working in a recruitment agency I use my LinkedIn everyday as a key aspect of my job role.

2. Get making contacts.  The power of connections is unbelievable and one we might not fully appreciate at university. With my role I regularly attend networking session and my first week in my new job I was introduced to Junior Chamber. Junior Chamber is a network of young professionals from 18 – 40. Since getting involved I have been involved in projects such as The Voices of The Future, The Friendly Business Awards and in November I will be going to World Congress held in Amsterdam. Not only does being involved in Junior Chamber open doors, help build connections and look great on your CV but it also is nice to socialise with young people with similar goals and aspirations.

3. Continue your learning – After four years completing your degree going back into a learning environment is probably the last thing you would want to do but the harsh reality of it is your degree does not mean endgame for education. Websites like Lynda, codeacademy & Hubspot provide courses and tutorials to help enhance your skill set further.

4. Remember it’s a learning curve; as much as it’s nice to believe that we walk out of university and know it all we really don’t. I have learned so much in this past year and hope to continue my learning.

If everything was perfect you would never learn and you would never grow