Richard. Don’t be a Dick.

Richard. Don’t be a Dick.

Everyone knows a Richard in the workplace. Richard has been in the job for around 12 years. He is middle management and the business would be nothing and nowhere without him. He is mystified as to why he has been consistently overlooked for boardroom positions. After all he is the engine room at the heart of the business.

Richard is better qualified than any of his colleagues. His MBA ensures that in every meeting he is the most intelligent guy in the room. He dominates every meeting and has the ability to speak for 30 minutes and not make a single practical point. People should listen to Richard. After all he has an MBA.

Richard has left his first wife as she wasn’t intellectually challenging enough for him. Richards wife actually left him after she finally realised Stockholm Syndrome wasn’t a firm foundation for a life long relationship. Unfortunately Richard is now single and ‘highly eligible’ and at every office party women worship him. Usually from a distance. Richard isn’t particularly respectful to his colleagues, he often asks his female colleagues to ‘get him a brew’ and throws down terms like ‘love’ and ‘honey’ in equal measure.

Richard never lifts his or anyone else’s coffee cup after a meeting. He is much too important to lift a coffee cup. Besides it’s quite simply not a man’s job.

Richard was a bully at school. He was adept at ensuring he was never caught. These skills would carry across into the workplace and serve him well. Passive aggressive in every meeting Richard delights in running colleagues down at every opportunity. Junior colleagues fear him and use the stairs rather than the lift on the off chance they end up in the moving cell with him. Senior colleagues look at him with consistently raised eyebrows and use terms like ‘You know its just Richard being Richard’ – however they are rarely brave enough to tackle him head on. It’s just too much effort and reputations are at risk.

Richard will be in the same position for the next 20 years. As the years roll in his narcissism will intensify and the any hope of a senior leadership position will evaporate. And that’s the best case scenario. What happens in the unlikely event he gets promoted. Then the fun really begins.

In short Richard is a Dick. He resides in every workplace.

Finally if you think everyone around you is a Dick then, chances are, you are probably the Dick.

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